A pond? No, an ocean: the Red Sea in Central France

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The Red Sea seen from the balcony - ©Anecdotrip.com / CC-BY-NC-SA The Red Sea seen from the balcony - ©Anecdotrip.com / CC-BY-NC-SA
Le Bouchet castle Castle Crusades Legend

The lost bird

It exists a chapel of Our-Lady of Bouchet or Our-lady-of-the-Red-Sea, in a small island in the Red Sea, near the castle. Did you see it, from the terrace? Guy Sénebaud’s son, Amaury, discovered the statue of Sancta Maria in Mari Rubro and raised a chapel on the island.

In fact, Amaury was hunting near his castle. He lost one of his favourite hawk. Damned bird! He looked for it for hours, and found it on a little island surrounded by the Red Sea. Amaury came closer to an oak, and discovered a statue of the Virgin in the trunk! People immediately came in a body to see that statue and soon a chapel was raised.

A legend

During war of Religion, duke de Deux-Ponts, Wolfang, came with his troops to help Protestants living in Berry. He completely plundered the chapel, so did he with the statue...

The legend said that this Wolfgang died violently few days after, in an orgy... It served him right! It was Gaspard de Rochechouart, king of France Henri III’s loyal captain, who re-raised the chapel. His son Louis made a copy of the statue in the middle of the 17th c. Nowadays we can see it in the church of Rosnay.

The name?

And if you wonder about the name of the Red-Sea: Guy Sénébaud, who left for Crusades with king saint Louis, never forget horrors he saw. When he returned back home, he called “sea” the huge pond...

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