Eleanor of Aquitaine's divorce in Beaugency

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Inside the church - ©Manfred Heyde / CC-BY-SA Inside the church - ©Manfred Heyde / CC-BY-SA
Notre-Dame abbey in Beaugency Abbot church Eleanor of Aquitaine Louis VII the Young

The famous council of Beaugency took place in March 1152. This one was about the marriage cancellation of Eleanor of Aquitaine and king of France Louis VII. Aah, this was no trifling matter!

Pretty, young, modern, Eleanor didn’t love the frigid king. After a turbulent trip in the Holy-Land in 1147 (where gossip said she had a love affair with her sexy uncle, Raymond of Poitiers), it was the last clash.

The council took place in the abbot church. And when the time of the deliberation arrived, the king attended to the report, while Eleanor was waiting in the castle. Dark fortress of Beaugency… the weather was so cold, in this month of March, so cloudy and misty! And the big blaze in the fireplace could not warm up the queen’s cold soul…

Then, they announced her the news: the divorce was official. At last! And two months later, the pretty Eleanor married duke of Normandy, future Henri II of England: damned, France given to the English! One of the Hundred Years War’s causes…

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