Noyon and its Saint-Médard

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Illustration picture - ©CostaPPPR / CC-BY-SA Illustration picture - ©CostaPPPR / CC-BY-SA

What’s this?

The St-Médard is a small white meringue filled with red fruits: red fruits are the other speciality from Noyon! This candy was named after saint Médard, bishop of Noyon, died in the 6th century...

The little history

Médard was born in Salency, near Noyon, in 457. The little boy was a very special kid. He prayed, meditated, gave his goods to the poor, while his father kept sheeps.

Aware of their son’s potential, parents sent him to Vermand (current St-Quentin city, in Picardy too), to study. He was a very good student! But Médard wanted to take holy orders.

It happened in 488, when he became a priest, he was 32 years old. But Médard was ambitious: in 530, he became bishop of Vermand, then of Noyon one year later, when he was allowed to translate his bishopric seat in this fortified city.

He died in 545: a part of his relics was translated in the abbey of Soissons. The other part is nowadays displaying in the church of Saint-Médard, in Paris.

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