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1357, Dinan. Mythical duel between du Guesclin et Canterbury

Bertrand's fight | Public domain
Castle Bertrand du Guesclin Dinan castle

Here we are in Dinan, a nice little city on the river Rance's banks! Did you know that it's a very old city? Oh, just listen to the story, now...

Josselin of Dinan raised a fortress in 1040, on a place occupied since Antiquity.

Then Dinan became the property of dukes of Brittany, in the 13th century: it clearly appeared that the old castle needed to be re-raise! Buuuut...

Wars of Religion and Hundred Years War stopped the building site...

Oh, in parenthesis: in 1367 a duel took place between Bertrand du Guesclin and Thomas of Canterbury, near the castle.

In fact, Du Guesclin's young brother, Olivier, was kidnapped by Canterbury. The two men decided to fight in order to solve the dispute. Fortunately, famous Du Guesclin won!

Anyway, enough of that! In 1380, a keep was raised: then dukes of Brittany moved in there. Dinan castle was extended in the 15th and 16th centuries: new wall, towers...

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