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Have your say. Make History !

What is Anecdotrip?

Anecdotrip is a trip through History of men and women who made France. And who will make it, like you!

Each place has its own stories. Terrifying tales, hanky-panky stories of terrible murders hide behind your favourite spots...

Do you like to meet king Henri IV’s turtle cradle in Pau castle? Or like to discover Nostradamus wrote a book about jams making?

So let’s go! And make a visit of France made of unusual anecdotes. Travel step by step and discover everything around you.

Because Anecdotrip is the website dedicated to anecdotes. Maybe you’re wondering: what happened in this castle, in this street? It happened stories about men and women, like us!

Anecdotrip is about funny, surprising and mysterious stories hiding everywhere. You will say to yourself: “Whoa! These areas are steeped in history!”

What can I do on Anecdotrip?


Explore, pick at anecdotes here and there. Because the world is a big mille feuilles with slices of stories inside. You can savour them when you want, where you want.

Take part and make History Tell your own anecdotes! And make history continuously. Come and be a small but important building block in History of tomorrow!

Everybody can become an Anecdotripper and share an anecdote. The world is not motionless: just write it!

How? Suggest stories about your life, stories of the place where you’re living, here, in your own cocoon.

You can write about everything you want, as long as it refers to a place in Europe.

We’re all make History!