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1793 and the Girondins from Bordeaux

The Girondins fountain | Pline / CC-BY-SA
Street District French Revolution Tragic destiny Place des Quinconces

The nice Quinconces square, with its huge monument aux Girondins and its fountain is a 280 metres long and 80 wide esplanade located on river Garonne's banks.

In the past, there was a stronghold called "Tropeyte", a fortress raised by king of France Charles VII when he expelled the English from the city in 1493, on the foundation of a gate put up in 1302.

It was later transformed into the castle "Trompette" by order of Louis XIV: his favourite military architect Vauban transformed it into a strong citadel.

This one was demolished in 1785. So the city decided to plant Quinconces trees, in 1818, a nice and wide promenade: our square was born!

Then they put up the Girondins monument between 1894 and 1902. Who were the Girondins?

Well, during the French Revolution, when king Louis XVI lost his power, the National Convention was set up.

Here sat the Montagnards versus the Girondins. In short, the first ones supported people, while the others defended bourgeoisie and monarchy.

A war that led to the arrest and execution of Girondins' leaders, in June 1793...

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