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A beam falling on the nose

The terrace | Aups / CC-BY-SA
Castle Accident Charance castle

We find a castle here, since the Middle Ages. Viscounts of Gap’s fiefdom. You know what? They were pretty fiery persons! Let’s see what happened at the end of the 11th century… One of those lords, Leydet, beat up a canon from Gap cathedral.

We don’t know why he did this! But one thing was sure: all the canons heavily punished him. Too much, according to Ledyet. He started to lose his temper, and went to see the bishop of Gap, Arnoux. Leydet severely wounded his arm! But just after, Leydet suddenly died, crushed by the fall of a beam…

Punished! Arnoux also died. But he was a martyr! And when his grave was opened about 40 years later, the legend says his wounded arm was still rosy and bleeding! A miracle?

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