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A big epidemic shaped the Plougastel calvary

The calvary | Duch.seb / CC-BY-SA
Calvary Epidemic Plougastel calvary

They raised this calvary because of the 1598's plague epidemic, which ravaged a part of Brittany.

Just to ward off misfortune!

Plougastel city probably suffered a lot, because people gave lot of money for the construction!

In 1602, the building site began and the whole thing was completed only 2 years later.

The 180 statues used to be polychromes, they were made in kersanton (variety of granite).

Oh, did you notice that? There’s a recollection of the terrible plague, on the crucified Christ: we can see strange little growths... in fact, bubos!

Here, we have a group representing the moment when Jesus entered in Jerusalem, with... typically bagpipes players from Brittany! Oh, so many details...

Bombings in World War II damaged the calvary. The current one dates back to 1848, restored by sculptor Millet.

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