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A brothel?! Scandal in La Celle abbey!

The abbey | René Dinkel / CC-BY-SA
Abbey Scandal Benedictine François I of France La Celle abbey

Enough is enough!

Several ladies used to withdraw in La Celle.

So, the abbey became rich and prosperous, and we had about 100 nuns, at the end of the 13th century!

But quickly, they had enough.

They wanted freedom, because they felt holding up by monks of Sainte-Perpétue, who ruled their daily lives…

Their superiors agreed, and it was the beginning of troubles!

Luxury and voluptuousness

From that moment, La Celle became a very special place.

No more religion and privations, debauchery and pleasures galore turned up!

Believe me or not, but the abbey became a real brothel.

All the local nobility came at night, in the nuns’ cells, decorated with ″golden leather″ and precious furniture for that occasion…

Hey, chronicles say nuns ″distinguished themselves by the color of their skirts and the name of their lovers″! Well, well, well...

François I and the nymphets

King François I (he was a bit of a cradle-snatcher) came in Brignoles in 1538.

People gave him baskets full of plums from Brignoles, but, François didn’t care about plums! He wanted ladies…

He visited the abbey and discovered nuns in short skirts, who performed a play for him!

The aforesaid nymphets, who wanted always more, took advantage of the king’s excitement to obtain accommodations in Brignoles, to have a bit of nooky...

Nuns lived a life of degradation

But rien ne va plus! Because, meanwhile, cardinal Mazarin became abbot of Saint-Victor of Marseille.

And he had enough of this gossips and dirty stories about La Celle!

He tried to close the convent, in vain. Even Marie de Croze, nun in La Celle (the only one who had remorse) finally betrayed her pals.

Indeed, they were sleeping around with every men, they lived a life of degradation! Whoa, unbearable…

Finally, the abbey lost all its fortune, then it was the fall. Inevitable, isn’t’ it? Hey, come on: those ladies enjoyed it...

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