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A hidden treasure in Saint-Bruno church?

The church | Marc Ryckaert (MJJR) / CC-BY-SA
Legend Treasure Parish church Saint-Bruno church in Bordeaux

Great, a treasure! Well, I’m going to tell you about Saint-Bruno's treasure: the legend says few monks, forced to run away during the Revolution, hid a treasure in some mysterious undergrounds!

In middle of the 19th century, people came from all the country in order to seek the treasure.

They started to dig every night... they finally found the underground’s exit above Notre-Dame church, which led to a burial room in Saint-Bruno!

A vault which gave you the willies, but which wasn’t desecrated during the Revolution. Inside this vault, surprise!

They found dry corpses, wearing white clothes... bodies of Carthusian monks who took shelter here in order to escape from the revolutionaries: they probably died, starving, in their hiding place!

But in contact with the air, the corpses crumbled into dust... and people never found treasure, of course.

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