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A hole in the forehead to the origin of the Mont-Saint-Michel

Aubert's dream, inside the Mont | Tango7174 / CC-BY-SA
Abbey Benedictine Mont-Saint-Michel abbey

708. Bishop of Avranches (Manche, Normandy), Aubert, turned up in his cathedral with a worried face.

He gathered a special session, after a sleepless night. Here, among Avranches cathedral’s canons, he said: «I had a dream, last night. Saint Michel came to me and said he wanted a church on the mount Tombe.»

The mount Tombe was the first name of current Mont-Saint-Michel.

Well. Canons laughed. Crazy Aubert! And they left. But the night after the session, Aubert had another dream. More intense. More realistic! Hey, saint Michel came back, but this time, Aubert had the proof!

The saint gave him a little knock with his finger on his forehead, making a hole! By the way, Aubert’s skull, displayed in Avranches cathedral, has really a hole in the brow...

In short. Michel told Aubert: "You'll raise my church where you will find a bull tied to a rope. Once released, this one will go and will trample the ground"...

OK. Aubert and his pals went on the mount, searched and found a bull they untied. The creature galloped, and stopped somewhere. They raised the church here. Tada: the mont Saint-Michel, former Mount Tombe, was born!

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