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A little history of Aleria archaeological site

Detail | Clio20 / CC-BY-SA
Gallo-Roman Aleria archaeological site

Aléria was a prosperous city (capital city of Corsica throughout whole Antiquity!) founded by Phocaeans' colony based in Corsica in 7th century. Stormed by Carthaginians and Etrurians, Phocaeans had to run away in Provence and Italy, leaving their city to the newcomers, who settled there gradually.

Jealous of those rich and prosperous neighbours, Romans took Aléria in 3th century and settled here few time later. Roman statesman Sylla sent here a colony to repopulate Aléria, in pitiful condition after all these invasions.

Rome's fall in 5th century signed Aléria's end, then promised to ruin and destruction with Vandals and Saracens' raids...

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