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A little history of andouille from Jargeau

The andouille | / CC-BY-NC-SA

What’s this?

This French andouille (″chitterlings sausage″) comes from Central France, produced in the city of Jargeau.

Made with pork’s intestine and pork’s meat, seasoned with shallots and spices, we eat it raw, dried of smoked…

But the most famous one is the cooked one! It’s so yummy, with French fries or potatoes...

The little history

They made andouilles in Orléans’ area since the 16th century: tradition even says they exist since the Gallo-Roman time!

But the andouille from Jargeau became really famous in the 19th century.

And in 1971, a special brotherhood was created in order to make the sausage popular.

Every 2 years, the andouille’s fair takes place in the city in March, and the contest of the best andouille happens in June.

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