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A little history of Arlay castle

The old castle | Arnaud 25 / Public domain
Castle Arlay castle

In the heart of one of the oldest vineyards in Jura (planted in Roman time!), the castle was raised in the 9th century, on lands belonging to Gérard de Roussillon. But mighty counts of Châlon moved in Arlay, extended the wall and the fortress, before Jean de Chalon-Arlay married Marie des Baux in 1386.

Chalon family became... princes of Orange! Fell to the Nassau in 1530 with William the Taciturn, then William III of Orange-Nassau in the 17th century, Arlay was owned by marshal of Isenghien in 1730.

From 1744, they launched the building site: the current neoclassical castle was born! When the rich prince of Arenberg owned Arlay in 1823, he found a damaged castle, abandoned since the Revolution. So the new owner rolled their sleeves up and restored Arlay...

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