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A little history of Auxerre tour de l'Horloge

The tower | Nano nous / CC-BY-SA
Fortification Auxerre tour de l'Horloge

This high Gothic tower dates back to the 15th century, raised on the location of the old Gallo-Roman wall. Painted by Pierre Cornaille, they crowned it by a spire in 1608, unfortunately destroyed in a fire in 1824.

Did you know that we found a primitive clock, in Auxerre? Sure, in church Saint-Eusèbe's bell-tower! In 1462, they decided to move it in another place: so they started to raise an arcade on one of the tower of counts of Auxerre's castle.

The silversmith Jean Debilly created dials: one in enamel with Gothic letters, the other one with gold and Roman letters. A man called Jean Caradon melted the bell in Paris. Everything was completed in 1483...

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