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A little history of Beaugency city hall

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City hall Beaugency city hall

After my passage by the Caesar's tower, I'm here on the town centre's small square, to see the town hall.

For the record, it's in 1525 that Beaugency bought the Cross-White inn in order to build its hall. Ahh, the town hall, seat of the city's government... You see, its rich decoration reflected all its power.

Hey, look at the façade! I think I already saw something similar... of course! In Orléans: don't you notice similarities with the Créneaux townhouse?

The construction of the two monuments was attributed to the Biart family, native of Beaugency.

Architect René Dusserre restored the monument between 1892 and 1898 and gave it its current look

I stay a bit more to detail the frontage; beneath the first floor windows, you'll see fleurs de lis and Beaugency, Longueville, Jean of Orléans' blazons as well as François I's salamanders.

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