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A little history of Bertangles castle

The castle | isamiga76 / CC-BY
Castle Bertangles castle

Near Amiens, quiet Bertangles castle, with its clear Classical façades, dates back to the reign of Louis XV. But... the castle was raised upon a former Gallo-Roman stronghold called Bagusta, followed by a fortress destroyed by Hundred Years War and by the Spanish in 1597 (they coveted Picardy).

This castle was always passed on by marriage, from lords of Bertangles in the 12th century to Glissy or Clermont family. Louis-Joseph de Clermont-Tonnerre raised the current building in 1730.

The building site took 4 years, led by Antoine Verlo: each day the castle became more and more beautiful... Inner decorations with fine wrought-iron craft, panelling, parquets, rooms fit out in Regency style...

Façades were carved with mythological characters and allegories: Minerva, the Wisdom... Oh, finally... the peace fell on Bertangles! The castle was even preserved during the Revolution! Unfortunately, a terrible fire destroyed apartments. The Clermont-Tonnerre restored it.

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