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A little history of Béru castle

The castle | Greg Roberts / CC-BY
Castle Béru castle

A castle in middle of vineyards

The castle is located in middle of an 8 hectares vineyards (Chablis wine).

Raised in the 13th century by counts de Béru, the primitive fortress was completely transformed during Renaissance (16th century), then in the middle of the 17th century after a big fire.

And since 1627, counts de Béru lived in the castle...

The visit

Well worth seeing:

  • the sun and moon dial (16th c.) on the Renaissance entrance porch: a very rare one! We can see on it a Latin motto: Sicut lux solis erit lux lunae, which means ″The sun’s light will be like the moon’s one″.
  • the 11th century’s wine storehouse.

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