A little history of Blois bridge (and pyramide)

The bridgeThe bridge | ©Seraphin M / CC-BY-SA

In the past, we used to find here an old bridge, which dates back to the 11th century. At that time, it was probably covered with tumbledown old houses... we even found a chapel dedicated to saint Fiacre!

A violent flood of the river Loire in February 1716 completely destroyed it!

They ordered a reconstruction of the bridge in August 1716: king's architect, Gabriel, designed the plans. The building site began in 1717 and was completed in 1724.

This bridge is a real 18th century masterpiece: it was made of stones from Blois and Ménars' quarries.

A pyramid with a cross was planned in the middle of the building, flanked by King's blazon (sculptures created by Coustou).