A little history of Bonifacio citadel

The citadelThe citadel | ©GHIRARDI / CC-BY-SA

Homer wrote that first inhabitants of Bonifacio were the Lestrygons, kind of giants who ate Ulysse's boats. Simply a tale, of course!

Bonifacio was founded circa 828 by Boniface, lord of Tuscany, who landed in Corsica in order to drive the Saracens out. Here, he put up a castle which owns his name: the city of Boniface was born!

In 1195, the Genovese destroyed the city and imposed themselves face to the Pisans. They rebuilt the city, fortified it, prepared to drive back enemies, like in 1551 Turkish and French led by Turkish pirate Dragut.

Becoming an independent republic, Bonifacio was one of the most important fortresses of all Mediterranean until 1768 and Versailles treaty: the Genovese gave Corsica to France.