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A little history of Boscodon abbey

The abbey | Morburre / CC-BY-SA
Abbey Benedictine Boscodon abbey

We are 1150 metres up, in a place known as bosc dun, which means "wooden hill" in Celtic language.

Benedictine monks from the abbey of Oulx came one fine day of 1132 here... They had fled from their monastery because of river Durance's rise of water level...

Local lords gave lands and money to Boscodon. Then friars from the abbey of Chalais came here in 1138 to settle in.

Did you know Boscodon was a Royal abbey? Abbots were allowed to wear crozier and mitre!

Protestants burnt it in 1585 and duke of Savoie's troops devastated it in 1692. The abbey was closed in 1768. Since 1972, an association restored it and organized visits.

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