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A little history of Boulogne-sur-Mer belfry

The belfry | Ziko / CC-BY-SA
Belfry Boulogne-sur-Mer belfry

It was mentioned for the first time in a 13th century document, when king of France saint Louis ordered the demolition of the belfry and the bells. The crowd was very upset! But why?

People from Boulogne rebelled when king announced an umpteenth tax in order to pay the crusades...

Count of Boulogne and Auvergne, Robert, gave money to rebuild the current tower. The legend says it was raised upon the counts' castle ruins...

The belfry is actually the oldest building of the city! In the beginning of the 18th century, the belfry was ruined. A restoration site began.

In 1805, Mr Chappe put up a telegraph upon it, but two times, lightning stroke it. In 1807, a violent lightning destroyed the roof's timber work! Our belfry was preserved from World War II's bombings...

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