A little history of Bourbon-l'Archambault fortress

The castleThe castle | ©Plovemax / CC-BY-SA

Bourbon site was inhabited since the Gallo-Roman era, where they raised a first stronghold surrounding by deep moats.

Rebuilt in the 10th century by a lord of Bourbon, then in the 12th century by Archambault of Bourbon, king Louis VI's son-in-law, Robert de Clermont put up 3 round towers in the middle of the wall.

His son Louis I raised a dwelling house, added curtains and extended walls with several towers.

Jean II of Bourbon raised the Quiquengrogne tower in 1480 and the high Gothic chapel in 1483.

But, parties, splendour, wealth... everything reached to his end! The fortress was demolished and slowly abandoned... The Revolution finished it off.