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A little history of Bours castle

The keep | Christelle denis / CC-BY-SA
Castle Bours castle

This strong castle dates back to the 13th century, finished in the 14th century by Witard de Bours, duke of Burgundy's chamberlain.

It was a modest rectangular keep flanked by 6 turrets, surrounding by two walls: the first one was a ditch, the second used to protect the courtyard.

Inside the keep, we found a vaulted cellar and a single room on each storey. In the turrets, rooms and latrine!

Fell to the Mailly family by marriage, the castle was demolished in 1537: king of France François I's troops burnt it during the war against emperor Charles the Fifth.

Effectively, Artois area was very coveted, at that time! In the 9th century, Flanders owned it; in 1180 Artois was annexed by France and duke of Burgundy and archduke of Austria owned it in the 15th century... this area definitively fell within the jurisdiction of France with the treaty of Pyrenees, in 1659.

In short, in the 17th century, the Sainte-Aldegonde family seldom lived in Bours, and in 1735, the castle was abandoned.

Sold during the French Revolution, listed as a Monument Historique in 1946. The rural district bought it one nominal sum in 1962: nowadays, it houses the city hall!

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