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A little history of Bricquebec castle

The castle | Ji-Elle / Public domain
Castle Bricquebec castle

Did you know Bricquebec means in Celtic "wood near a stream"? The little river which goes across the town used to fill the castle's deep moats...

Ansleck founded the fortress in 911. With its powerful walls and its high keep raising upon the town, Bricquebec still preserves these proud vestiges speaking of its warlike past and its part in the Hundred Years War...

Descendants of Ansleck, the Bertrand family put up the castle and its buildings between 12th and 14th centuries. So, what do we have here? First, a 22 metres high keep dating back to the 13th century on its sod.

Then, we can see a surrounding wall flanked by towers protecting seigniorial dwelling, two T-shaped buildings. In 16th century, the Estouville family put up a castle outside the walls. It signed the decline of Bricquebec fortress...

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