A little history of Brongniart palace

The palaceThe palace | ©Viault / CC-BY-SA

Also known as palais de la Bourse ("Stock Exchange") or Brongniart's palace, this huge building was named after its architect, Alexandre-Théodore Brongniart, who raised it between 1808 and 1826 on the location of a convent: the Stock Exchange is like an Antic temple, 69 metres long and 41 metres large.

Allegoric statues decorate the steps: Trade (by Dimont, 1852), Justice (Duet, 1851), Agriculture (Seurre, 1851) and Industry (Pradier, 1851).

The Stock used to be rue Vivienne in 1793, then in Louvre one year later, then into Notre-Dame-des-Victoires church until 1804.

In 1826, it finally moved into the current palace... In 1907, they added two wings to the central main building.