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A little history of Buzay castle

The castle | Ruspanti / CC-BY-SA
Castle Buzay castle

In 1688, Pierre Harouard, the new lord of the manor, began to alter the old castle raised here on lands which used to belong to Our-Lady of Buzay abbey. But the man who gave the castle its current look was Pierre Harouard de Beignon, in 1771.

Lawyer, king's secretary, La Rochelle lieutenant, he also had sugar cane plantations in Santo-Domingo. A very important sir!

He wanted a beautiful house, worthy of his social standing... so he called a disciple of the famous architect Gabriel, Ducret.

By the way, you will see gorgeous furniture in the apartments: nothing changed since... ages? Well, that's it!

During World War II, owners let their furniture to La Jarne inhabitants, so German soldiers couldn't damage it...

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