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A little history of Célestins theatre in Lyon

The theatre | Phinou / CC-BY-SA
Auditorium Célestins theatre in Lyon

Célestins' district belonged first to Templars. Once their order was cancelled in 1312, their houses were given to Malta knights.

Few years later, knights gave the land to duke of Savoy Amédée, who gave it to Célestins monks in 1407, because they wanted to found a monastery.

Protestants destroyed the convent in 1562. They rebuilt it, but peace didn’t last long: once the monastery was secularized in 1779 and monks expelled, the city opened new streets in the district and raised a theatre, from 1792.

But a fire destroyed this one in 1871. It was completely re-raised 4 years later, based on plans by Gaspard André.

In a paroxysm of bad luck, the fire destroyed the building, one more time, in 1880! Same architect, André, restored everything.

This theatre is the only one in Lyon to perform dramas: just have a look on the façade!

You’ll recognize Victor Hugo, Alfred de Vigny, Eugène Scribe... and on the great balcony, we have Muses of Comedy and Tragedy, by Roubaud.

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