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A little history of Champ-de-Bataille castle

The castle | Sergey Prokopenko / CC-BY-SA
Castle Champ-de-Bataille castle

French designer Jacques Garcia, the current owner of the castle, took 20 years to lay out those huge gardens and refit the apartments: when he bought it, the estate was literally devastated... You'll really fall in love with this castle!

A Norman house

A champ de bataille ("battlefield")? Which one? This castle seems so harmless, behind those nice façades!

His name refers to a war began by Guillaume Longue-Epée ("William Longsword"), duke of Normandy, against count of Cotentin, Riouf, in 935. The castle itself dates back to the 17th century! Nothing to see...

The estate fell to Jean-Baptiste de Créqui in 1624, when he married a Vieuxpont descendant, a family established here since centuries.

Alexandre, their son, raised a brand new castle, in 1653, on the foundation of the old manor belonging to the Vieuxpont. Le Vau built a vast brick and stone main building with a vast courtyard.

Sumptuous decorations

Champ fell to marquis de Mailloc, in 1702, then when he died in 1754, to Anne-François d'Harcourt, his wife's nephew.

D'Harcourt refit the inner decoration and even raised a theatre. Unfortunately, the Revolution came... Plundered, damaged, the castle looked like a sad battlefield: several owners succeeded one another... but no one wanted Champ-de-Bataille! No one?

Except French designer Jacques Garcia, who owned it at the end of the 20th century: he gave it birth a second time, relaid out gorgeous gardens, beautifully refurnished rooms... Nowadays we can visit the castle: you'll can dream in the Marble room or among the gold and crimson decorations of the Parade room, stroll along the vast, vast gardens... An exceptional visit, it's really a must!

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