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A little history of Champdieu priory

The church and the priory | Velvet / CC-BY-SA
Priory Champdieu priory

Champdieu is a very old city. It became famous thanks to the priory raised by Benedictine monks in the 10th century. This monastery was managed by Manglieu abbey, in Auvergne.

Nowadays we can visit the cloister flanks by turrets, but also the church of St-Sébastien with its two bell-towers and three naves.

And, do you notice a thing? The church was fortified! Machicolations, watchtowers, abutments... a real fortress!

Near the church, the Gothic chapel raised in the beginning of the 16th century by prior Pierre de La Bâtie. A man who also erected the hospital at the same time!

In the buildings, we have the refectory. This beautiful room restored in the 19th century houses frescos: a very colourful Last Supper...

Colours seem so bright! Why? Because the paintings were hidden from sight under several roughcast coats!

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