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A little history of Château-Raoul

The castle | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Castle Château-Raoul

This big fortress was put up in 935 by Raoul le Large, lord of Déols. It was Déols princes' main residence. Finished in 950, the fortress was defended by river Indre on one side and by a deep ditch on the other side.

Philip Augustus besieged our castle in 1187, because king of England Henri II Plantagenet seized control of it ten years ago. Of course, because Henri married Eleanor of Aquitaine, so he reigned over all the area! Fortunately, Philip managed to retake the place.

Then the castle was burnt by a fire in 1395, and it was rebuilt in the 14th and 15th centuries, with its turrets and beautiful sculpted windows.

Fell to the Chauvigny family, to the Maillé family in the beginning of the 16th century, then to Condé family in 1613, Châteauroux was finally owned by Louis XV in 1735, who gave it in 1743 to one of his mistress, the marquise de Tournelle... who was called madame de Châteauroux!

The castle was sold during the French Revolution and they decided to set up the prefect's office. Since 1825, it houses the current Prefecture. In 1881, architect Dauvergne restored the castle.

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