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A little history of Châteauroux fortifications

Vieille Prison | Benjamin Smith / WikimediaCommons / CC-BY-SA
Fortification Châteauroux fortifications

Châteauroux was born with Raoul: he raised a castle on the banks of river Indre, in 935.

Houses was put up next to the fortress and the little city of castrum Rodolphi, "Raoul's castle", was born...

The city medieval fortifications remnants are still standing: we have the Old Jail's gate, which was one of the entrance's castle.

4 main gates used to protect the town: Saint-Denis' gate, New gate, Guesdons' gate and Malconseil gate. Cardinal Richelieu, when he ordered the demolition of all the old fortresses in France, preserved our fortifications... But they were abandoned and went to ruin.

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