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A little history of Chazeron castle

The castle | Hans Lemuet (Spone) / CC-BY-SA
Castle Chazeron castle

In the very beginning, there was only a little keep raised here in order to watch fortress of Chatel-Guyon in the 12th century. But Hundred Years War ruined Chazeron castle...

Fortunately, Oudard de Chazeron rebuilt it in the 14th century.

Altered in the 16th century, in order to reinforce the fortifications during wars of religion, the castle fell to the Monestay-Chazeron family, by marriage.

François Monestay called famous architect Hardouin-Mansart to transform the old medieval fortress into a nice dwelling.

He laid out a courtyard with a beautiful wrought iron gate and outhouses. He also laid out huge stables and a luxurious saddle room.

The inner apartments were re-laid out: the legend says king Louis XIV came in Chazeron, one night!

The Monestay-Chazeron family kept the castle until 1859, and it fell to the marquis de Sinéty.

Between 1940 and 1942, Léon Blum and others were locked up here during the famous Riom's trial.

Then two architects owned the castle in 1960 and restored it. Nowadays it houses a cultural centre.

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