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A little history of Commequiers castle

The castle | Orikrin1998 / CC-BY-SA
Castle Commequiers castle

Raised at the end of the 11th century by lord Urvold de Commequiers, the fortress was located on the foundations of an old Roman city.

Then the place fell to Jousseaume family in the 14th century: Jeanne Jousseaume married Louis de Beaumont in 1440 and gave him the castle.

And our chap, king Charles VII’s councillor, became lord of Commequiers! He probably re-raised the current castle in the middle of the 15th century.

A vast stronghold surrounded by large moats, protected by a 9 metres high wall! Also, we have 8 amazing towers, 10 metres high!

But the castle was abandoned and demolished in the 17th century... The city owned it in 1970 and launched a big restoration.

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