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A little history of Commercy castle

The castle | ChristiaanPR / CC-BY-SA
Castle Commercy castle

Duke of Lorraine Stanislas and Voltaire were invited here! Founded in the 9th century, the fief belonged first to the Damoiseaux's seigneury.

A seigneury which fell within bishop of Metz's jurisdiction. Commercy then fell to Sarrebruck family then to Gondi family. Besieged in 1544 by emperor Charles the Fifth, the duke of Lorraine Charles IV bought it and Commercy fell to France with Lorraine duchy in 1737.

The Classical castle dates back to 1708, put up by the prince de Vaudémont on the foundations of an old fortress demolished by cardinal of Retz. King Stanislas transformed it into a real royal palace.

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