A little history of Concarneau fortified city

The fortified cityThe fortified city | ©Julien1978 / CC-BY-SA

Third French fishing port, Concarneau is famous for its fortifications. The first one dates back to the 13th century, it was a castle called Petit-Château linked up on terra firma by a drawbridge. In the 14th century, Concarneau became an important site, very strategical.

The English and the French fought here and besieged it constantly. Famous Breton constable Du Guesclin finally released the castle from enemies in 1373.

In the 16th century, here we go again! This time, Catholics and Protestants fought over Concarneau stronghold.

Then military architect Vauban altered the fortifications; he transformed it into a citadel in the 17th century. In fact, the current wall dates back between 1541 and 1577; the great Vauban (Louis XIV's architect) only reinforced the citadel in order to give it a more important defensive character, as he was fortified all the French coasts.