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A little history of Crémieu castle

The castle | Charlotte de Savoie / CC-BY-SA
Castle Crémieu castle

A few kilometres from Lyon, we are here in Crémieu, a quiet little medieval city. Let's talk about the ruined castle and its surrounding walls!

Crémieu was born in 836, mentioned as Cremacium in a council held by king Louis the Debonaire. In the 11th century, barons of La Tour du Pin surrounded the city with walls and raised a huge keep.

Ramparts were crowned by a covered way, flanked by round towers. They opened 3 main gates. 5 gates led to the city.

From this moment, Crémieu became an important strategic place and a prosperous trading place where markets, fairs and cereal grains exchange took place.

When Dauphiné was acquired by France, Crémieu lost its importance. The 13th century castle was abandoned, then demolished by order of cardinal Richelieu, as many fortresses...

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