A little history of Crevecoeur-en-Auge castle

The courtyardThe courtyard | ©Philippe Alès / CC-BY-SA

Here we are back in the Middle-Ages, in the heart of Normandy! Welcome in Crevecoeur... So, your impressions?

Raised in the 11th century by a lord of Crevecoeur (he was William the Conqueror's comrade in arms), the castle looked like a big wooden keep at that time, soon replaced by a stony castle surrounded by ditches.

The king of England Henri V and his troops besieged the fortress, then, peace came again! So lords started to raise a manor, in 1450. More than a manor, it was a real stronghold!

Around it, a courtyard and a farmyard with several buildings, most of them half-timbered: the 15th century dovecote, the 13th century chapel...

Did you know the nice small castle at the entrance comes from Beuvillers castle, near Lisieux?

Crevecoeur was transformed into a farm, then, during the French Revolution, the estate was plundered. Owned by Marcel Schlumberger in 1970, it nowadays houses exhibitions about Norman architecture, as the workmanship of wood framings...