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A little history of Crissay medieval city

A street in Crissay | Daniel Jolivet / CC-BY
Medieval city Crissay medieval city

Crissay belonged to the 11th century to Cormery abbey. It was first mentioned in 851, when it was called "Crisseium", then "Crisse" in the 13th century.

During the Renaissance era, the small village was prosperous! Beautiful houses, nice little church... even the castle was rebuilt. At that time, soldiers coming from all Europe were enrolled for Medieval wars.

But they didn't want to leave after that, they sponged off people and gathered in bands, terrifying the village!

Lord Jacques II Turpin asked king François I to send him henchmen in order to expel the scroungers. In vain... they stuck around!

So Crissay was allowed to reinforce the surrounding wall and to raise 4 gates, closed each night!

In the 17th century, Crissay was still prosperous: 650 inhabitants lived here. Among them, the farmer of the castle, the priest's domestic, merchants, artisans... On the next century, we even found a midwife!

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