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A little history of Cujas townhouse

The townhouse | MOSSOT / CC-BY-SA
Town house Cujas townhouse

Raised in 1515 by architect Guillaume Pellevoisin (he built the northern tower of Bourges cathedral!), this city house was Durante Salvi's house, a rich merchant from Florence (Italy) who often came in Bourges.

We know that the interior included a kitchen, a dining room, a garden, a room decorated with a coffers ceiling "adorned with carved crowns" and a big chimney; bedrooms on the first floor with their own staircases; a "domestic bedroom"...

On the façade, medallions with heads and names as Lavinia, Remus, Romulus Rex...

Salvi later became tax collector in Berry. When he died in 1527, his only daughter inherited the house: she sold it to merchants called Pastoureau, who sold it in 1565 to Bernardin Bochetel, bishop of Rennes.

Then it fell to his brother Jacques Bochetel, lord of Le Forest, king's butler... and finally... Jacques Cujas, king's councillor and University's dean, owned the house in 1585.

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