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A little history of Curemonte castle

The castle | Devisme.alain / CC-BY-SA
Castle Curemonte castle

You're not dreaming! We have two castles here, in Curemonte. Funny thing! How did it happen? Well...

In the 11th century, in a strategic site occupied since the Gallo-roman times, a keep was raised, surrounding by walls.

It's the current castle of Saint-Hilaire, rebuilt after the Hundred Years War, possession of Gabriel de Cardaillac and his wife, Anne de Plas. The Plas family! They shared their seigneury with the Cardaillac... the construction of their own castle was granted to Jean de Plas, in front of Saint-Hilaire castle!

The family stayed in Curemonte for three centuries, after an inheritance from the Cardaillac.

When the last of the Plas died in 1830, it was the anarchy: several owners succeeded one another, the Dunoyer de Segonzac, doctor Delord, Robert de Jouvenel...

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