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A little history of d’Albertas townhouse

The townhouse | Lsmpascal / CC-BY-SA
Town house D’Albertas townhouse

Our story began with Jean Agar de Cavaillon, councillor of Aix Parliament and a fervent Catholic during wars of Religion: the sir owned a house on the location of the current town house. Fell to the Paulhe family, the land fell then to D’Albertas family, from Italy.

Henri Reynaud d'Albertas, lord of Bouc and Dauphin, first president in Provence French audit office, raised his own city house here, in 1707. Aix biggest house, at that time! For one of the richest and mightiest family...

The façade’s decorations were made by sculptor Toro, from Toulon. Look! The city house was inspired by Parisian estates. Pure Regency style!

In July 1814, owners hosted duchess of Orléans and few months later, count of Artois, future king Charles X of France.

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