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A little history of Dieppe castle

The castle | Eric Barbet / CC-BY-SA
Castle Dieppe castle

Overlooking Dieppe and the channel, we ignore who built the former castle. Was it put up by Charlemagne, destroyed by the Normans then rebuilt by Rollo?

The fortress maybe dates back to 1188, founded by Henri II king of England and his son Richard the Lionheart to protect the city from king of France Philip Augustus.

I tell you something: the current castle was put up by order of Charles VII for Charles des Marets, appointed captain and governor of the city because he released it from the English in 1435.

Des Marets altered the castle: he demolished one of the tower to the south-west, then in 1574, he built a brick wall ending on southern tower. The surrounding wall was extended to the south in 1625.

After the noble visit of king of France Henri II in 1550, the place was fortified to the west with a citadel.

In the 16th century, almost abandoned, the castle was transformed into barracks. In 1903, city of Dieppe bought buildings and set architect Lefort to work: he made huge repairing, first in bricks, then in stones. Nowadays, it houses ivory museum.

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