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A little history of Duras castle

The castle | Père Igor / CC-BY-SA
Castle Duras castle

The mighty Durfort family owned Duras in 1325, a fortress raised in 1308 by Bertrand de Got, pope Clement V's nephew.

Besieged in 1345 by the English led by count of Derby, then in 1377 by duke of Anjou and Du Guesclin, Duras was razed by king Charles V.

Galhard de Durfort immediately rebuilt it and Duras lords supported alternately English and French party during the Hundred Years War: so, the castle was many times besieged!

Our lords became leaders of the Protestant party during wars of Religion, a moment where marshal of Duras altered his castle: the building site went on the next century with the construction of two Classical style buildings. Beautiful parties took place here, in the 17th century...

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