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A little history of Entrecasteaux castle

The castle | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Castle Entrecasteaux castle

Letters for the castle

Between 2 strongholds

We find the first mention of the place in 1080: Boniface de Castellane, lord of Salernes, ruled on this land and its fortress.

Where did this name, Entrecasteaux, come from? The fortress was located ″between 2 small strongholds″, entre deux châteaux in French…

In short! The Castellane extended their castle… and in the 16th century, brand new owners turned up: descendants, the Adhémar de Monteil family.

Count of Grignan Adhémar de Monteil completely refitted out the castle, and transformed it into the place to be.

Hey, he married Françoise in 1669, daughter of the very famous French writer marquise de Sévigné.

A mother and her little girl

Françoise hated Entrecasteaux. She hated this castle she found sad and austere: she preferred the golden and hot stones of her castle of Grignan!

Françoise’s mum wrote her everyday (hey, no email, no phone at that time).

Letters kept her busy a moment, but Françoise wanted to leave this place…

Meanwhile, count de Grignan became marquis d’Entrecasteaux in 1678. He spent a fortune in the castle’s restoration…

Becoming penniless, he was forced to sell Entrecasteaux in 1714… Phew, sighed Françoise!

The visit of Entrecasteaux

We visit nice furnished rooms, including the library, the music room, the big living room overlooking the garden, a Guards’ room and the vaulted kitchen… don’t miss the garden!

Ordered by the Grignan, landscaped by the famous Le Nôtre!

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