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A little history of Euverte Hatte townhouse

The entrance | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Town house Euverte Hatte townhouse

The Tabour's street is a very old street, located in the city's second wall. This way used to lead to Blois city, which is why it was so important.

The name Tabourg comes from the town crier, when he settled in and put up his sign.

In 1909, the road was widen (destroyed by 1940's bombings, then entirely rebuilt).

But let's talk about this building, wrongly nicknamed "Agnes Sorel's house"... Euverte Hatte, a merchant, bought the Compaing house in 1524 with the neighbour's house (called "Beef's head hotel").

His goal? To join together the two buildings and get his own house...

It nowadays houses a centre dedicated to the French poet Charles Péguy, born in Orléans in 1873.

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