A little history of Fleckenstein castle

The castleThe castle | ©Calips / CC-BY-SA

This fortress is impregnable, on his rocky spur! It was the fief of one of the most powerful family in Alsace, mentioned for the first time in 1179: the Fleckenstein.

In the 12th century, we found count Henri and in the 14th and 15th centuries several bishops... One of them in the 13th century kidnapped the bishop of Spire, his debtor, and held him prisoner in his castle.

So the emperor Rudolph of Hapsburg immediately besieged the fortress!

Then in 1674 marshal de Vaubrun besieged the castle and Haguenau bailiff, baron de Montclar, demolished it in 1680. The ruins were sold in 1794.

And Fleckenstein family last member died out... Then it fell to the Rohan-Soubise family, then to the Dietrich. The castle is now the property of Lembach city, who opened it to the public.