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A little history of Fléville castle

The castle | Ji-Elle / CC-BY-SA
Castle Fléville castle

The medieval fortress was raised in 1320 by Fléville lords: it only remains the big square tower flanked by crenelates.

The current castle dates back to 1533, when it belonged to the Lutzelbourg lords. At that time, the architect Michel de La Chausse built a quadrilateral flanked by 3 round towers.

Fell by marriage to the Beauvau at the end of the 16th century, gardens were laid out from the 18th century, thanks to the landscaper Louis Gervais.

At that time, duke of Lorraine Stanislas Leszcynski, former king of Poland, often came in the castle... Then in the 19th century, Fléville was restored and they refit out apartments.

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