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A little history of Fougères castle

The castle | Pymouss / CC-BY-SA
Castle Fougères castle

La voilà la blanche hermine, vive Fougères et Clisson ("Here's the white stoat, three cheers for Fougères and Clisson")... as says the famous Breton song!

Fougères is one of the hugest fortress in Europe!...

The former fortress dates back to 1030. It was destroyed by the English led by Henri II Plantagenet in 1166. Lord Raoul II de Fougères rebuilt a castle from 1173.

In 1307, king Philip the Fair seized the castle to lords of Lusignan. In 1428, dukes of Brittany owned it.

Brittany fell within the jurisdiction of France, in 1515, Fougères had a breathing space before French Revolution: at that time, the city became one of the main home of chouan uprising.

In 1792, Chouans besieged Fougères which suffered a great massacre...

City surrounding walls formed a 3000 meters long wall, including the keep demolished in 1630.

In the middle, three towers, Guibé's tower, Melusine's tower (built in 1242 by Hughes de Lusignan) and Goblins' tower (14th century).

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