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A little history of Galette mill

The windmill | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Mill Galette mill

The moulin de la Galette was born in 1622. How funny is the evolution of its name: from 1622 to 164à, it was called moulin du palais, "Palace mill"; from 1640 to 1795, moulin boit-à-fin; from 1795 to 1835, blute-à-fin; from 1835 to 1850, blute-fin. From 1850, it was called moulin du point de vue ("vista's mill") because of the view we had on its roof, then moulin de la Galette in the middle of the 19th century! Several owners succeeded one another. In the middle of the 18th century, the mill went to ruin. It needed important repairing. It was also threatened by landslides which happened here everywhere in Montmartre. People said in the past that "every mill served wine". Poet Le Tasse went for a trip in Paris in the 16th century: he wrote he kept an awful memory from the city, but he liked all those mills, where the traveller found cool drinks and love... la multiplicité de ses moulins, ou le voyageur trouve à boire frais, à aimer chaud.

And, owing to the octroi (a tax), wine was half as much expensive as in Paris. Yep, because the precious liquid used to pay a tax in order to come in the city... and Montmartre was, at that time, located outside the wall! In the middle of the 19th century, the mill was, with the Radet mill, the last mill of Montmartre. Named moulin de la Galette, the last owners decided to convert it into a country dance!

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